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The Power of Purpose and Activism

1969 Stories of Cultural Revolutions
and Protests

College student co-ed protesting Vietnam War
Brent Green, author and speaker about 1969

Literary Works

Noble Chaos, a novel by Brent Green

Noble Chaos: A Novel

After a firebomb destroys the Kansas Union in 1969, a university junior faces months of campus unrest, fractured relationships, wild experimentation, and fatal clashes with authorities over the Vietnam War.

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“FOR ME, Noble Chaos is first and foremost an exquisitely written novel about coming of age and first love. It’s a breath-taking and heart-breaking (in a good way) journey back to being nineteen again and re-experiencing how wise and foolish we all are during those years. It’s also a superbly written historical fiction novel about what life was like on many college campuses during the turbulent anti-Vietnam war years of 1969-1970. In 258 pages, you can relive a defining era in your own life, and a defining moment in our country’s life. It’s a read you won’t want to put down.”

Bob Dotson

The American Story with Bob Dotson

NBC Today Show

KU Alumnus

1969: Are You Still Listening, by Brent Green

1969: Are You Still Listening? 

The final year of a tumultuous decade, 1969 upended American culture and shattered domestic tranquility. Joining Brent Green, seven additional coauthors share their coming-of-age memories, political critiques and lessons learned.


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  • Carol Orsborn, Ph.D.

  • David Cogswell

  • Richard Adler

  • Bob Moses

  • Jed Diamond, Ph.D.

  • Greg Dobbs

  • Robert William Case

Questions of the Spirit by Brent Green

Questions of The Spirit

Questions of the Spirit leads readers through an inspiring journey of self-discovery and healing. Each of eighteen chapters explores a significant question about mortality, loss, bereavement, and life’s most difficult challenges.

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1969 university campus student protest m
Peace flag over background of Kansas wheat

Experience the Captivating Chaos of 1969. Play a 5-minute Audio Sample.


Noble Chaos is available through Amazon’s Audible for those who like to listen to as well as read a good book.

Jack de Golia, a veteran audiobook narrator, has produced over 125 Audible books.
This project took on unique value for the pro, as he commented:

Well written, well edited. It was a book I felt at home in,
given my participation in that time.

With public relations and stage-acting in his background, spanning four decades,
Jack not only narrated the book, he transformed his voice to interpret over 14 unique characters.

Noble Chaos - Audible - Chapter 2, The Moratorium - sample
00:00 / 04:47
College coed with black armband in 1969
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